Rempro AS uses a production process called pultrusion; where continuous threads of glass fibre reinforcement are drawn through nozzles or moulds, to which the plastic material is added under heat. The product emerges from the mould fully hardened. The process makes it possible to produce long («infinite») pieces of profiles, pipes, rods, angles and so on.


Composite materials are materials made up of two or more components. The simplest form of composite materials is made up of two constituent materials, e.g. glass fibre and polyester, which is the main composite material that Rempro AS produces. This is often referred to as “glass fibre”. Typically, each component on its own is not suitable for construction purposes, but together the components make a material that is rigid and strong. Plastic, reinforced with different fibres, makes up a large portion of the composite materials that are used in modern society. Such materials have many advantages: they are light, durable, flexible, and strong.


Polyurea is a unique and durable material. It can be a applied to almost every surface, and be used in several settings. The coating layer is applied to some of our products as protection or to ensure a better grip surface. Polyurea is durable, strong and anneals within seconds. Please let us know about your polyurea needs. Rempro can undertake jobs by request.