Power line poles for the future

Following the need for more sustainable and more environmental friendly solutions, Rempro introduces the Rempole. Composite power line poles, strong flexible and light, eliminating woodpecker and rot challenges.

The poles have been produced and tested to endure extreme weather conditions. Completely environmental friendly, easy to install and with practically no need for inspections. Composite poles are know to last twice as long as traditional wood poles. 

The benefits of composite are many, making it a more cost efficient product. It is more sustainable, much lighter, and has a limited need for maintenance and inspection. 

Testing the Rempole has led to very positive outcomes. Assemblers have already climbed the pole, giving the polyurea coating grip their thumbs up. Polyurea is UV proof, and strong. The poles can be assembled by using the same methods as for wooden poles. Please, let us know if you need for information about the Rempole.